We stock over a million dollars in parts
Less time waiting for parts,  more time spent on the job

Waiting for parts to be ordered, delivered and installed can take your equipment out of service longer than necessary. We maintain a vast on-hand inventory of parts for all of the equipment we handle; having parts and service available to you in three convenient locations provides the efficiency that puts your equipment back on the job as quickly as possible. Contact us now for all of your parts needs.

Brad Anderson
Parts and Service Sales Manager
(503) 255-9055(503) 702-0268


Jeremy Cain
Customer Support
(800) 992-3656 
DJ Johnson
Counter Parts Sales
(800) 992-3656 
Jeffrey Pin
(800) 992-3656 


Tammy Speedy
Counter Parts Sales
(800) 422-2059 


Ken Miller
Counter Parts
(707) 422-2333 


Salt Lake CityOfficeMobile
Tony Misrasi
Parts Manager
(385) 290-6925 
Charles Todd
Shipping and Receiving
(385) 290-6935 

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