CUES Product Line

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CUES has a Loaner-for-Life program for every camera unit sold – used or new – CUES owners experience maximum uptime and worry-free ownership experience.

CUES has a staff of three full-time factory service support representatives in northwest Oregon and will be supported by Owen’s NW locations.

CUES has a fully factory supported service center in Ontario, California which serves as the hub for the Northwest Territory loaner program. Parts are available for shipment in most cases within 24-hours of receipt of order.

CUES has a wide array of product offerings: crawler cameras, digital side scanning systems, push cameras, zoom cameras, decision support software, grouting systems, lateral reinstatement systems, sonar / laser profiling equipment and ancillary products to handle all customers from the largest municipality to the residential plumbing contractor; and they provide the same fanatical level of support to every customer.

CUES provides a staff of training and field technicians dedicated to optimizing your efficiency and return on investment.