100 Years of Innovation
elgin regenx

Extensive real-world prototype testing and feedback refined the sweeper design to provide customers with exactly what they want and need, while proving the reliability and durability along the way. The input of service technicians, operators, and street sweeping supervisors shaped every detail of the new RegenX® mid-dump regenerative air street sweeper from Elgin Sweeper Company, a sweeper that is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to maintain but still delivers the quality and proven technology that is the hallmark of Elgin Sweeper products.

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The Crosswind1 steps ahead as the market leader with innovative single-engine technology. This new easy-to-use design, with single button operation, will increase productivity and decrease maintenance time and costs. The Crosswind1 sweeper is also effective in frequent maintenance of permeable pavement. This sweeper is versatile and can easily pick up litter and chip seal. The large pickup head makes it desirable for many applications.

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The Elgin Whirlwind1 is specially suited for uneven, patched roads and jobs involving dirt, sand, millings, general street sweeping, leaves and road debris applications. The Whirlwind1 is also recognized as a proven and powerful tool for maintenance and restoration of permeable pavement. Whirlwind1 with single-engine technology reduces daily maintenance, increases productivity, and enhances the operator experience while offering performance flexibility; allowing the selection of single or dual nozzle, and 28” (711 mm) or 36” (914 mm) side brooms for a maximum sweep path of 12’ (3658 mm).

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elgin crosswind

Elgin’s Crosswind regenerative air sweeper gives contractors, municipalities and industries a powerful sweeper with unequaled versatility, flexibility and productivity. The Crosswind recirculating vacuum sweeper efficiently cleans large flat paved areas such as streets, parking lots, and airport runways. Contractors and public works officials alike appreciate the Crosswind because it is easy to operate and simple to maintain. The Crosswind ergonomic design allows the operator to sweep in a safe, comfortable manner. Mounted on the short-wheelbase chassis of either conventional or cab-over chassis, the Crosswind is operated by simple rocker switches and comes with a complete set of gauges. A combination of large hopper and water tank, plus excellent fuel efficiency, allow the sweeper a long work period between trips to dumping, re-watering and fueling sites

Whirlwind Elgin

Looking for a truck mounted vacuum sweeper with outstanding quality and performance? Elgin Sweeper Company has the solution. The new Whirlwind MV combines a proven low maintenance design with an extra-wide sweeping path, and a short wheelbase. The Whirlwind offers incredible pick-up performance and flexibility that has become a world standard. From the unique extending nozzle to the overall robust construction, the Whirlwind has been designed and manufactured to the exacting standards that have made Elgin the world’s leading sweeper manufacturer. Customized with your choice of options, the Whirlwind is sure to fit your needs. The Whirlwind is specially suited for general street sweeping and catch basin cleaning. Passed rigorous PM10 rule 1186 testing.

Elgin Pelican

The Elgin Pelican broom sweeper is a three-wheel mechanical sweeper based on one of the original street sweeper designs, which has been continuously improved since 1914, meeting the highest sweeper standards. Maneuverability, economy, serviceability and single lane dumping with a sweep system that easily handles heavy compacted dirt and bulky debris are all features of the Elgin Pelican. An isolation-mounted cab provides a cleaner, quieter operation, and the improved 360-degree visibility and easier access for service and maintenance make the Elgin Pelican an industry standard in road sweepers.

Elgin Broom Badger
Broom Badger

Looking for a maneuverable yet powerful compact mechanical sweeper? If so, consider the Broom Badger from Elgin Sweeper. This dual-engine sweeper, is easy to operate and maintain and does not require a CDL to operate making it ideal for our municipal and contractor customers who need powerful cleaning without a full-size sweeper. The compact, low-profile design allows easy access to tree-lined streets. And the short, 109-inch (2769 mm) wheelbase and a tight turning radius give the operator great maneuverability for cul-de-sac curb lines and tightly winding streets without sacrificing robust sweeping performance.

Elgin Eagle

Looking for a four-wheel mechanical (broom) sweeper with exceptional performance? Look right to the Elgin Eagle. The Eagle combines the proven Elgin sweep system, with variable high dump capabilities and highway transport speeds for maximum productivity. The Eagle is now available with two optional alternative fuel systems, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), and a waterless dust control option. It has also passed the rigorous Rule 1186, PM10 Certification. Built on a commercial chassis, the Eagle features a dual mode air suspension system, so an operator can go from a solid rear axle for sweeping and dumping stability to a fully sprung chassis for operator comfort and control during high speed transport

Broom Bear

The Broom Bear is one of the most rugged and efficient mechanical sweepers on the market today. Whether your sweeping needs are in heavy construction debris or light street maintenance, the Broom Bear can handle it all. Its intelligent design gives you greater water and hopper capacity, requiring you to make fewer scheduled stops. Sweeper operators will enjoy the cleaner dumping action made possible by the Broom Bear’s variable dumping height and eleven inches of hopper side-shift capability. Placed on a commercial chassis with fully dualized controls and a single engine design, the Broom Bear is easy to operate – even transporting at highway speeds – and easy to maintain, giving you the flexibility and quality needed for maximum uptime and profitability.

Road Wizard

The Elgin Road Wizard, first introduced as part of the Elgin family of sweepers in 2003 has been redesigned and improved (May 2010), retaining all of the features that made it popular including a simplified, dual-engine design while incorporating what our engineers have learned from a 96 year history in sweeper – and that is the best of both worlds; increased operator efficiency and productivity, along with the latest technology for superior results.


The Elgin GeoVac sets the standard for quiet by uniting high performance vacuum sweeping with incredibly low dB(A) in-cab and drive-by noise levels to efficiently and quietly clean streets, parking lots, and construction and industrial sites. The vacuum sweep system concentrates suction power in one localized area – the nozzle. Debris is swept into the nozzle path by a side broom and extension broom located underneath the machine, where it is efficiently lifted up by the suction airflow and deposited in the debris body. The GeoVac is powered by an efficient 99 hp John Deere® Tier 2 auxiliary engine and controlled by direct-touch rocker switches. It features an 8-cubic-yard hopper, 330 gallons of water for dust suppression and a full 8.5-ft. sweep path. Maintenance is simplified with a convenient service module, accessible with an easy-store ladder and automatic full-width gull wing doors that open with the push of a button.

Whether the task at hand includes picking up leaves, street sweeping, preventing basin loading or cleaning basins and inserts to remove debris before it moves down the system the new Megawind from Elgin Sweeper is for you. You can even tackle the removal of broken concrete or pavement pieces with ease. The Megawind combination leaf and debris vacuum, catch basin cleaner with optional street sweeper delivers the versatility, ease of use, maneuverability, power and performance to meet your vacuum truck needs.
This multipurpose vacuum truck with features a 12″ vacuum hose with an industry-exclusive articulated power boom that features 180-degree hydraulic powered rotation allowing greater hose positioning options; a high-performance vacuum system; and a choice of large-capacity, tilt dumping debris bodies. The optional sweeper system is specifically designed to be efficient in bulky debris such as leaves and sticks. The system components include a unique “open throat” suction nozzle, trailing arm side brooms and an extension broom. A separate nozzle is available for milling work.
This unique product was specifically developed to remove glycol and other deicing fluid runoff on airport runways and gate locations before this potentially hazardous chemical can infiltrate the surrounding waterways. The GRV’s high air flow, wide sweep path, superior vacuum performance and efficient separation of glycol and ice from the air stream result in fast, clean glycol pick-up.
Equipped to operate at temperatures up to -40 degrees F (-40 degrees C), the GRV is at home even in the most severe winter conditions. The GRV’s unmatched performance helps airports comply with the toughest standards for controlling glycol and other deicing fluid run-off mandated anywhere in the world.