Elgin Broom Badger



Looking for a maneuverable yet powerful compact mechanical sweeper? If so, consider the Broom Badger from Elgin Sweeper. This dual-engine sweeper, is easy to operate and maintain and does not require a CDL to operate making it ideal for our municipal and contractor customers who need powerful cleaning without a full-size sweeper. The compact, low-profile design allows easy access to tree-lined streets. And the short, 109-inch (2769 mm) wheelbase and a tight turning radius give the operator great maneuverability for cul-de-sac curb lines and tightly winding streets without sacrificing robust sweeping performance.


• Efficient Kubota 59 HP T4i auxiliary engine
• Variable displacement piston type hydraulic pump producing 32 GPM
• Easy access to all components
• Only 6 grease points on sweeper body
• All pivot points feature chromed shafts with greaseless, long life bushings

Elgin Broom Badger

The Broom Badger features large dual side brooms with a maximum 9’ 6” sweep path. The direct drive brooms are controlled in-cab for down pressure and tilt angle. The trailing arm design with spring kickback protects them from damage when sweeping close to obstacles. Four solid steel arms on each broom feature chromed shafts with composite greaseless bushings on all pivot points. These bushings reduce daily maintenance and have a long lifespan that results in lower overall operating costs.

The 58” polypropylene main broom is hydraulically driven. The elevator is slightly wider for closer broom placement, providing more efficient material lifting and maximizing broom effectiveness. Self-aligning bearings for the broom mount and the free-floating design ensure smooth movement over road surfaces. Simple adjustments for down pressure can be made to prevent broom coning.

The Broom Badger’s 58.5” wide direct drive squeegee elevator handles heavy-duty sweeping applications. The innovative design eliminates the need for curtains and provides increased productivity. The open design and hinged plate enables easy cleaning and inspection. An in-cab alarm notifies the operator if an elevator stall occurs, then the rotation can then be reversed from inside the cab to dislodge the jammed debris.

The heart of the Broom Badger’s hydraulic system is a variable displacement load-sensing piston pump that produces up to 32 GPM at 3,000 PSI. This style pump has lower fuel consumption and lower heat build-up across the entire hydraulic system. State-of-the-art hydraulic valves are used for each function and feature manual over-ride and flow adjustments for greater simplicity and reliability. In-cab electrical controls, external filter and restriction indicators, and low oil level shutdown are standard. All hydraulic valves are located in one ground level area for easy maintenance.


The side-dumping, 4 cubic yard debris hopper allows extended sweeping intervals for increased productivity on the job. The hopper is lifted by a single 4 stage cylinder lift with 9,400 lb lift capacity. A full payload can be offloaded from the side dump hopper at ground level or at dump heights up to 10 feet.

The sweeper is equipped with a 220 gallon polyethylene water tank for dust suppression. Water nozzles are carefully positioned to suppress dust while sweeping.

The Broom Badger’s simple electrical system has been carefully designed to be extremely easy to navigate. It is hard wired with no controllers and electrical controls are sealed in a weather-proof systems locker. Wires are color and number coded for easy maintenance and trouble shooting.