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Elgin RegenX Regenerative Air Sweeper

Input from service technicians, operators, and street sweeping supervisors have shaped every detail of the new RegenX ™ mid-dump regenerative air street sweeper from Elgin Sweeper Company. A sweeper that is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to maintain but still delivers the quality and proven technology that is the hallmark of Elgin Sweeper products.

The new Elgin RegenX ™ regenerative air sweeper was built by Elgin, but designed by you.


Container Dump Height:

Large 8 yd3 hopper capacity

56″ inch roll-off container dump height

Avoid double-handling from dumping on the ground

Improve operational efficiency by placing roll-off containers along your route

Comply with environmental restrictions prohibiting dumping on the ground

RegenX Regenerative Air Sweeper Dumping

Fan belt change in less than 5 minutes



Hardox Steel Fan
Highly efficient closed-face fan with backward-curved vanes
Hardox steel vanes for durability (used in military-grade armor)
Fan change can be executed in approximately 1 hour

Sealed-for-Life Bearings
No need to grease fan bearings
Secondary seal to prevent dirt from getting into the bearing

Fluid Coupler
Acts as torque damper and increases reliability and life of the drive system

Spring-Loaded Belt Tensioner
Maintains consistent belt tension over time, easy to adjust

Keyed and Tapered Fan Shaft
Provides ease of service

RegenX Air fan
Regenerative Air Dust Separator


  1. Dust Separator Inlet
    Dust enters the separator from the hopper
  2. Centrifugal Separator Design
    Air spins around tube at high speed, forcing dust to outside walls
  3. Skimmer Slot
    Dust is skimmed off into the collection chamber
  4. Dust Collection Chamber
    Self-emptying chamber that evacuates when the hopper is dumped
  5. Fan Inlet
    Clean air exits the separator and returns to the fan


Roll-Off Dump Height with 50° Dump Angle and 8 yd3 Hopper
Avoid double-handling, driving back to the facility to dump, and environmental ground-dumping restrictions

Incredibly Easy to Clean
Simple hopper – rounded corners and external self-dumping dust separator
Easy-access washout doors for dust separator and pickup head
Cable-controlled drop-down screens standard

Easy to Service
Easy to access components with locations determined by experienced service technicians
Bolt-on wear parts wherever possible (dust separator, hopper inlet, etc.)
Simple design with no control modules for sweeper functions

Better cleanout and easier serviceability leads to more reliability
Highly efficient dust separator and large screen surface area reduce carryover and sandblasting
Overall simple design – less moving parts, more uptime

Elgin RegenX Regenerative Air Sweeper

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