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Helix Laboratories believes healthy sewer function promotes healthy communities and a healthy environment.
Municipalities rely on Helix to implement non-hazardous chemical and microbial solutions for restoring sewer flow, preventing backups, neutralizing noxious gasses, extending infrastructure service life, achieving operational stability, and enhancing worker safety.
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Grease in your sewer mains? Lift stations? 

Proprietary deFOG microbes cure the root cause of SSOs and residential backups.

F.O.G. (fats, oils and grease) accumulation is notorious for constricting pipe flow and clogging lift stations. The powerful microbes in our deFOG products excel at digesting F.O.G. They displace wild bacteria, creating a persistent slime layer capable of combatting F.O.G. in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner—a strategy known as bioaugmentation.

Typically, problem areas are shocked with a high dose of microbes to clear existing F.O.G., and then precise maintenance doses are administered by dispensers installed upstream. After initial implementation, FOG is monitored regularly and doses recalibrated to maximize the cost-effectiveness of the solution.

sulFade molecular neutralizer cures the root cause of odor complaints and pipe deterioration.

H2S (hydrogen sulfide) accumulation in lift stations and force mains leads to odor complaints, toxic exposure for sewer workers, and premature pipe failure due to sulfuric acid corrosion. The proprietary chemistry of sulFade breaks down hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans, yielding harmless effluent.

Typically, after measuring a problem areas with a gas monitor, a shock dose of sulFade is administered, followed by a maintenance dose dispensed continuously upstream. After initial implementation, H2S is monitored regularly and doses recalibrated to maximize the cost-effectiveness of the solution.

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Helix combines benchmarking, implementation, maintenance and analysis to deliver comprehensive sewer health care.

Helix Labs’ prescription for sewer health only starts with innovative product. Designed, implemented and managed for your unique treatment plan — maximize performance and ROI, relieving you of the guesswork and field work other solutions require.

And because Helix solutions deploy compactly and affordably in any manhole or lift station, you’re encouraged to participate in a subsidized pilot project to demonstrate Helix’s value in a local setting.

What Makes Grease a Problem in Collection Systems?

Grease is a major challenge to wastewater professionals across the country. Grease can significantly reduce the capacity of sewer lines and is a major cause of SSO’s. The severity of the problem is due primarily to the characteristics of grease


  • It remains liquified at 56° F.
  • It solidifies at 55° F.
  • It is adhesive in nature which enables it to easily attach to sewer lines.
  • Grease is lighter than water (thus it floats on water).
Bacteria Versus Chemicals

Both chemical and bacteria products are widely used for controlling grease in collection systems. Chemical products, which include lift station degreasers, liquid degreasers and high pH powders (Lye) are typically used to emulsify the grease and move it downstream to destinations unknown. These products can be effective, but can be hazardous to the environment and the people using them. Bacteria is typically used as maintenance product that can be manually added or metered into a system to build up a biofilm and digest grease. In contrast to chemical products, bacteria do not emulsify the grease and send it downstream where it can become a problem again. Instead, grease is consumed and the biproduct of grease digestion is carbon dioxide and water.

The Helix Advantage
  • Reduced Grease Buildup
  • Odor Control
  • Effective in Mains and Pump Stations
  • Prevents Overflows
  • Safe and Compatible with WWTPs
  • Cost Effective and Labor Saving

Owen Equipment is pleased to be your Northwest distributor for Helix, pioneers in biological degreasing products. We stock Helix products in both Kent and Portland. Our product support team is available for consultations and demos. Give us a call!


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