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We had a customer call in for troubleshooting on their truck and we were able to walk through all the steps while the truck was running full throttle. The Sonetics headset paired with the customer’s phone prevented any interruption in communication and we were able to get them back up-and-running.

Greg Read, Service Support Manager

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Portable Communications for Wireless Work Teams
  • Optimize teamwork with hands-free communication
  • Minimize accidents and incidents with real-time verbal warnings
  • Train, supervise, and audit in real time on the job
  • Protect hearing and remain in contact
  • Cooperate in darkness, weather, and poor visibility
  • Sonetics wireless headset systems


Establish a local wireless communication network

  • Self-contained, licensed, interference-free
  • Easy-to-use – turn on and go
  • Proven rugged and trusted in the toughest jobs
  • Backed by an outstanding factory warranty, service, and support

The headsets with wireless Bluetooth technology have the ability to connect with other wireless Bluetooth enabled devices. This allows users to add an additional source to listen to, or communicate with.  Devices such as cell phones, mp3 players, mobile radios, computers, etc. expand your communications potential.


The headset interfaces with any two-way portable radio using a wired auxiliary input or the wireless DECT connection. When there is a DECT connection present, the PTT signal is passed to the wireless DECT.  If there is no wireless DECT connection, the PTT signal is passed to the wired AUX input.


Your hearing is protected, but not disconnected. Sonetics Listen-Through Technology lets you control how much outside sound to let in for safety and awareness.
Need to hear traffic, alarms or warnings? Or just someone trying to get your attention? With Sonetics, it’s easy. Just raise or lower the amount of sound from the Listen-Through microphones for complete situational awareness. If there are any sudden or unplanned loud noises on the job, you’re still protected with Active Noise Suppression



Limits high impulse events such as gunshots from being transmitted to the user when the stereo listen-through feature is active. Ensures compliance with hearing conservation and safety standards while allowing situational awareness.



Listen-through microphones on each ear dome give the user stereo situational awareness. The microphones are placed on the forward edge of the headset to give the user the perception of sounds in the front verses sounds from the rear. Listen-Through has a programmable volume level and will limit all sounds to 82dB to the user to ensure compliance with hearing safety and conservation standards.


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