Triple-L Flatbed Trailer

Fast & Efficient
Even hard-to-load equipment becomes a one-person job with a TRIPLE-L™ flatbed trailer. These models are ideal for carrying equipment with low clearance and poor traction such as scissor lifts, scrubbers, pavement sweepers, rollers and fork lifts. With nine models to choose from and capacities up to 10,000 lbs., you’ll find the right solutions with a TRIPLE-L Trailer.

Triple-L Utility Trailer

Powerful & Convenient
Similar to the flatbed models, the TRIPLE-L™ utility trailers have the added convenience of an enclosed box trailer. These dual-purpose models are ideal for carrying equipment or supplies. A full width, low angle ramp allows for ease of loading if you are using a hand cart or dolly. Choose from eight models with capacities up to 9,000 lbs. Optional rails and a tail gate can be added or removed at any time for added convenience

Triple-L Enclosed Trailer

Protection & Security
Now you can have the benefits of ground level loading and a fully enclosed trailer in one productive package. With the TRIPLE-L™ enclosed trailer your equipment can be kept secure and out of the weather year round. Select from three models, all with 6,000 lbs. capacity and protection to spare