Nozzles Available for Rent


KEG Equalizer

Twelve forward jets at dual angles not only clean but create an umbrella pattern blocking airflow that creates problems blowing toilets. Six powerful rearward jets with KEG’s high efficiency patented Fluid Mechanics provide the ultimate in propulsion, cleaning and debris removal.

KEG Floor Cleaner

Remove heavy or compacted solids, debris or sludge from sanitary or storm lines. For tandem applications (box culverts), rent the accessory kit to include the “Y”, leader hose and bar.

KEG Supernova Chain Cutters

Great for root removal, scaling, rust, grease, chemical and other deposits. No lubrication for main body required. Work in difficult pipes such as offsets, pipes, protruding taps, etc.

KEG Rambo

High pressure forward jets combined with a sharp, chiseled edge and a drill point provide excellent penetration of sewer clogs.

KEG Traction Nozzle

Patented fluid mechanics provide superior performance for mud and sand removal. 8° and 12° jet angles.

KEG Torpedo

Extreme cleaning power, 90+% efficiency, 12° and 18° jet angles, maintains center in pipe, great for all around cleaning and heavy debris removal.
warthog by stoneage

Stoneage Warthog

Streamlined design prevents tool from catching on inside of pipe, easily converts from pulling to descaling, carbide nozzles provide extreme durablity under poor water conditions.